Updated: August 21, 2010

Your email address.

You are required to provide your email address when you sign up as a new user with CloudTix. We use your email address to uniquely identify you when you log in and also to communicate with you about your account. We will never share or sell your email address.

These are several types of emails we may send to you.

  • Account maintenance emails (All CloudTix users)
    You will receive an email from CloudTix when you are added as a new user. If you forget your password, we will email you instructions for how to reset your password.
  • System alerts (All CloudTix users)
    You may be sent brief system alerts to let you know about planned updates to the system that may affect your account.
  • Notification emails (One-time)
    You may choose to receive brief notification emails regarding a specific action within CloudTix. This can be done by adding your address to the notifications list in the appropriate pages within CloudTix. Notification emails can be sent when lists have finished importing, when reports are ready, and when a campaign has been sent.
  • CloudTix newsletter (Opt-in list)
    We periodically send an email newsletter filled with ideas and information about how to use CloudTix. You can opt-in to receive this newsletter on your Settings page. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email or by changing your opt-in settings.

We may review the open and click rates for emails we send in order to measure their performance and improve our email content.

Types of information we gather and how we use it.

You are required to give us your email address, name, password, and security question and answer when you sign up as a new user with CloudTix. Additionally you can choose to enter your phone number which we would only use to contact you if there were problems with your account. Email is the primary method of contact.

Your password and security question answer are encrypted and known only to you. We will not re-send forgotten passwords. If you forget yours, you will need to reset it in CloudTix by answering your security question correctly.

If you choose to close or deactivate your account, you can do so by email (support@cloudtix.com) or phone (1.206.728.7997) or by speaking with a primary CloudTix contact from your organization.

We will never disclose, share, or sell any of your information, unless we are required to provide such information by a court, administrative or governmental order or subpoena or other legal process.

If your organization chooses to opt in to the Benchmark Reporting datashare program, we will be sharing your industry, industry category, region, open rates, click rates, and bounce rates from your campaigns with other organizations using CloudTix. (With benchmark reporting, you can see this data from other organizations, too.) Your organization name will never be connected to this data.